40% Direct….. What???

I spoke with a security vendor today. It seems they are 40% direct and 60% channel. You can imagine my reaction…
How do you do that? There is an obvious conflict?
Well, we have Deal registration.
He went on to say that the reason they are 40% direct is because it is cheaper for the client!
Now, I know this rep had every intention of being helpful, and I am not accusing him of deceit. However, will upper management have a change of plans in the future, if profits are not as projected?

40% direct is a serious red flag.

Why not get MSPs involved with those direct 40% and move them to the channel? This will prove that they are committed to the channel and inspire more MSPs to partner with them.
The icing on the cake: management has never heard this objection!
Why aren’t vendors asking MSPs how to make a partner program?
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