Give it away, give it away now!

I had a great conversation with a vendor yesterday. We discussed their channel program. They mentioned a new addition to their channel offering where they let the MSP partner use their service internally for free. While this is not a new concept, it is a very effective one.
Many of our current vendor/partners on the MSP side of our business “give it away” to us to use internally. How many times has a prospect asked: “Do you use this service you are trying to sell me?”, only to smirk and think…. Yea we would but there is no incentive to use it internally.
Eat our own dog food
The sale or up-sale to a current client is much more genuine and less difficult when the MSP can actually act as a testimonial and advocate of the vendor service. Telling the prospect.. “this is how we are successful in using this service”, or “this is how this service helped us”.
Do you remember the days when hardware vendors “gave” the MSP thier product to use in house? While some still offer a Not for Resale (NFR) product, many just offer a discount. We still have NFR hardware we use internally to this day.
Make your channel program simple and easy for the MSP to use and advocate. This will help all parties involved…. The MSP…. The client…. And YOU, the vendor!
Give it away give it away give it away now! (song writers: Red Hot Chili Peppers)

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