What vendors MUST do for MSPs

What vendors MUST do for MSPs

Vendors often get caught up in their own world and lose focus of what their MSP partner needs. A recent poll asked MSPs what the most important things vendors must do for their partners. I would enjoy feedback on the results.

What are the most important things vendors must do for their partners?

#3: Lowering barriers (less complicated) to become a partner

I remember one vendor giving us a 10+ page application that included a 5 page credit application! Vendors: simplify, keep it simple stupid. Becoming a partner should be quick and simple. Try to avoid quotas and minimum selling requirements that often deter MSPs.

#2: Provide go-to-market strategy, education and incentive programs (MDF, co-op, spiffs rewards)

Vendors need to help MSPs market to their clients. Make MDF (market development funds) available in a simple way. Offer simple strategies that are white labeled and not too technical that the MSPs can use with their clients.

#1: Provide top-down view of the market

Vendors need to demonstrate to the MSP the status of the markets they drive. Often MSPs do not know about certain threats or vulnerabilities to their clients. MSPs need statistics, landscape depiction and solutions to address the market.

Are you providing enough for your MSP partners? Do you offer go-to-market strategies to help the MSPs succeed to serve their clients?

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MSPs demand many things from Vendors. We have compiled the top 5 items demanded by MSPs from Vendors.

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