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Two weeks ago ConnectWise was acquired by Thoma Bravo for an estimated $1.5 billion.  What does this mean for MSPs in the ConnectWise ecosystem?

We bought into ConnectWise and Kaseya in 2007.   Prior to 2007, we had our own systems that were terribly inefficient.

The Kaseya founders were running Kaseya when we partnered.  Soon after, Kaseya was acquired by private equity and placed a new management team.  That management team was subsequently replaced by the current management.  After the Kaseya acquisition, we were concerned about quality, support and roadmap.  We stayed with them despite the changes.

ConnectWise has been run by its founders until last week.  Will ConnectWise management change like Kaseya did?

The ConnectWise new published five-year plan states:

  • Cybersecurity, the new frontier
  • Technology as a service, the movement
  • One-click ecosystem
  • Customer success is everyone’s job

I have been reading about a lot of panic, some falsely created and perhaps some reasonable.  Last week in Nashville, at the Robin Robins event, I spoke to many MSPs and vendors all with varying degrees of opinion.   Some competitors are crying to ‘jump ship’, while other partners are excited about the acquisition.  At this point, I’m on the side of ‘wait and see’.   What are your thoughts?

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