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This is the ForzaDash story!


Forza Technology Solutions (later called ForzaDash) was founded in 1993 as a managed service provider (MSP) and application development firm. Joe Pannone founded the firm to help and support companies in the Connecticut area with their computer networks.  Forza also created many applications for companies as well including manufacturing, security, healthcare, education, and business intelligence.


Forza continued to rapidly grow organically and through acquisitions.    The management of Forza requested internal dashboards and better business intelligence to be formulated for our newly onboarded ConnectWise and Kaseya platforms.   Forza created an internal dashboarding and reporting tool to help with this need.

ForzaDash Story
Forzadash Story

Based on peer recommendation, in 2010, Forza introduced CWDash, the ConnectWise manage: Business Intelligence (BI) platform to market. CWDash was a success as a subscription-based business intelligence application for ConnectWise Manage.


Years later, vendors asked to advertise in CWDash to reach this MSP community base using our application.  We switched to a Freemium model. CWDash is now free to the MSPs and is made possible through vendor-sponsorship. What’s more, we are constantly addressing the needs of our clients and sponsors alike to provide the best ways possible so that the business intelligence applications they use become updated with the changing times and technology.

ForzaDash story: We made more revenue giving it away than selling it.

Currently, the newly branded ForzaDash with its flagship application CWDash offers a unique way for IT vendors to present their services to help thousands of MSPs grow in the ForzaDash community. By belonging to this constantly growing community, MSPs enjoy all the products afforded by your subscription for FREE! Would you like to have access to this MSP community that is thankful to the sponsors for covering the cost of their business intelligence?

For more information and/or a personalized consultation, visit ForzaDash who has been connecting IT vendors and MSPs since 2015, and discover why “ForzaDash is the most effective way to develop a successful channel.”

What are sponsors doing with our “hand raises” or market qualified leads (MQL)?

In the course of the ForzaDash story, IT Vendors want the ability to speak to our MSP community.  Our sponsors want “hand raises” or market qualified leads (MQL) from our MSPs so they may partner and recruit the community.  This video describes this process.

ForzaDash Marketing as a Service (MaaS)

FIRST PILLAR:  In the offering, we have more than 6,000 MSPs with a 50-point survey and more than 20,000 MSP prospects that we market to continually.

SECOND PILLAR:  We have our banners, that we call streamers, which are constantly running in our applications all the time. Every minute a different streamer appears.

THIRD PILLAR:  In the third pillar, we have the email campaign. It elicits hand raises and gets the MSP to take a look at whatever the sponsor is offering.

This is the most unique way to develop a successful MSP channel.

So, how does a lead happen? how is it derived?

I. It starts with a sponsor’s marketing assets.

Marketing assets include white paper ebooks, 5 myths and AI machine learning, etc.; whatever product your client or prospective MSP client may benefit from and be interested to acquire.

Here are some examples:

  • 5 Big Myths of Al and Machine Learning Debunked
  • 10 Sales Leaders share strategies for writing winning proposals
  • 5 Things MSPs want from Vendors
  • 5 Steps Working Smarter and Faster
II. Assets Placed on ForzaDash Streamers and Ad Campaigns

The asset, a digital one, is then put into our streamers and ad campaigns. Once the MSP sees it, if they have an interest in it, they click on the streamer or the email, they complete a landing page, that the sponsors define, then receives the asset.  At this point, this becomes a “hand raise” or a market qualified lead (MQL) which is sent to the sponsor.

III. A “Hand Raise” Or Lead Is Sent To The Sponsor

When the sponsor receives the lead, it becomes their responsibility to make an appointment, present, handle objections, close/refer, get a referral, and if they can’t – after many attempts – if they can’t make an appointment they ADD TO DRIP, nurture campaign, have inside sales to follow up.

IV. Add To Drip Up To Follow Up

Unfortunately, this is where ForzaDash sees the greatest fall off. It’s the sponsor’s must-do to follow up on the lead. You can’t waste these leads. This MSP has raised their hand, they want your asset, they want to hear from you, perhaps not right away.  It is very important to follow up with them if you can’t make the appointment right away. In this case, the sponsor has to add to drip for follow up later.

V. Make an appointment

When the lead is given to the sponsor, it is his sole duty to do his utmost to set an appointment. Once this is done, an appropriate presentation of the business model can be conducted.

Do you have any questions about the ForzaDash story, or want to book a consultation? If so, feel free to contact us at any time!

What are sponsors doing with our Hand-Raises?

How are sponsors winning?

Rule of 7: Buyer is touched 7 times before sale

Prepare for the engagement

-Use LinkedIn and other sites

-Review website, blogs & social media


The steady process of “dripping” your message to prospects



-Social media


Increase sales efficiency & revenue growth

-Email automation workflow

-Phone call campaign



Sales Process Relation based multi-touch, Multi-channel approach

The ForzaDash platform offers many features to our sponsors.

The Email Digest and updates have evolved over the years based on sponsor feedback.


Automated Email Digest and Update

Daily Digest

  • Delivered every business day
  • Reports data from the previous day

Weekly Update

  • Delivered every Monday
  • Reports data from the previous week

Monthly Update

  • Delivered on the first Monday of every month
  • Reports data from the previous month

ForzaDash Daily Prospects Digest

Delivered every business day

  • Top MSP prospects viewing your streamers
  • Displays MSP Name, City, State and Country
  • These MSPs have viewed your streamers the most

MSP of the Day (MoD)

  • Randomly selected from our community
  • Start Date
  • Company
  • Contact
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • # Employees
  • Established year
  • # Clients supported
  • Average client engagement
  • RMM Tool


ForzaDash Weekly/Monthly Update

Weekly Performance Snapshot
  • Streamer Hours: Our In-App Streamers (banners) display for ~1 minute each. How many hours were the sponsor’s streamers displayed last week.
  • Total Imprints: An impression or “Imprint” is when our streamers display ~1 minute each in our Apps.
  • MSP of the Day received: How many MoD has the sponsor received from the platform?


Top Panels

  • What are the most panels (dashboards) the MSPs using in our applications?
  • Displays: Rank, panel name & imprints



  • What MSPs clicked on your streamers?
  • Displays MSP
    • Name
    • City
    • State
    • County
    • Clicks
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Panel


Campaign Results
  • Display Campaign information
    • Launch Date
    • Name
    • Open Rate
    • Click-through rate
  • Market Qualified Lead
  • A CSV file is attached to the email with MSP / MQL information


We at Forzadash continue to improve our platform for our sponsors.  Do you have any suggestions?


Click here for the PDF document.

Sponsors have requested a way to have a dedicated group of MSPs for direct feedback.  Our MSP partner council is generally composed of a group of 12 MSPs whose profiles are created by the sponsor.   The council often lasts for more than a year.  We facilitate and manage the process.  You’ll get a true partner council meet-up with MSPs. They completely outsource it to us.

MSP Partner Council
MSP Partner Council

Four Major Phases

Phase 1: Charter Creation*

This involves creating everything in the charter including the following:

  • Mission/Vision/ Why does it exist?
  • Meeting rhythm
  • Target MSP profile definition
  • MSP benefit/Motivation
  • Document and align
  • Campaign asset creation
Phase 2: Recruit Campaign*

We go right through the recruitment of the MSPs. In the charter, we decide together with the vendor and the sponsor, who wants to be in there. We go out and recruit these MSPs for you.

The activities included here include:

  • Banner/Streamer creation
  • Email/Landing page creation and execution
  • Finalizing Survey
  • Virtual meeting interview
  • NDA Signature
  • Gift cards and other Partner council gifts, gift cards or other incentives provided by the client
Phase 3: Face to Face**

We like the first quarter to be face to face. We want to get to know each other. Sit with each other, shake hands. So, you expect this phase to have the following agenda:

  • Recommend one- or two-days face to face meeting per year
  • Pre-meeting agenda creation
  • Facilitate the meeting
  • Post-meeting survey
  • Scorecard: Takeaways, Action Items, Accountability
  • Event logistics to be completed by the client, recommend client pay for everything except flight
Phase 4: Virtual Meeting ***

We conduct virtual meetings to address and accomplish the following:

  • Recommend every other month
  • Pre-meeting agenda creation
  • Facilitate meetings
  • Scorecard: Takeaways, Action Items, Accountability
  • Post-meeting survey

For the first year: * Phases 1 and 2 last 1 quarter

** Phase 3 lasts 1 quarter

*** Phase 4 lasts 2 quarters

In the second year and beyond, we make updates on the Charter if needed. We invite MSP members if there’s fall off; if there are acquisitions; or whatever the reason may be. And then we begin the second quarter face to face meeting and then virtual meeting and continue that through on.

MSP Partner Council

As part of the Forzadash partner council, get real advice from real MSPs and what services they look for from a vendor. This way, we can address these needs and create a personalized MSP development application, if possible. Contact us here today for queries or consultations.

MSPs demand many things from Vendors. We have compiled the top 5 items demanded by MSPs from Vendors.

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